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Three types of IoT PCBs: Class I, Class II and Class III

Printed Circuit Board for Instrumentation Application
Types of PCBs

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Just like the big boys (meaning conventional printed circuit boards), IoT PCBs fall under the categories of Class I, II and III.

Earlier, I noted that Class I IoT PCBs are pretty routine; those end applications cover virtually every consumer wearable you can think of. Class I IoT PCBs don’t demand a great measure of quality and reliability, for the simple reason that these products aren’t subjected to harsh or demanding environments that can affect proper operation.

So, in essence, Class I IoT PCBs don’t require the extra design, fabrication and assembly considerations that Class II and III IoT PCBs demand. For example, a Class I wearable product could be a sensor-based health-monitoring device that measures your heart beat, number of consumed calories or number of walking steps taken.


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