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Of Modeling and Materials

Printed Circuit Board for Instrumentation Application
Cutting PCB

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The role that material choice plays in the development of electronic circuits and systems is significant—hence the popularity of simulation software.

Materials play a large part in the future of electronic circuits and systems. The impact of gallium nitride (GaN) on commercial and defense radar systems, for example, has been profound over the last few years, providing transmit power at microwave/millimeter-wave frequencies while reducing the size and bias requirements of the older vacuum-tube devices they are replacing.

Development of new electronic materials requires a number of orchestrated efforts before any new material can be put to practical use. A new material must first be “discovered,” typically by researchers who gain an understanding of a material’s different properties—such as its dielectric constant—and how they might benefit an electronic design. It must then be manufactured in large-enough quantities to be made practical.



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