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High Volume Wire Processing

High Volume Wire Processing
High Volume Wire Processing

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Processing Capabilities

  • Crimp to Crimp (open or closed barrel terminals)
  • Crimp to Seal
  • Seal to Seal (both sides sealing)
  • Double Crimp (2 or 3 terminals)
  • Double Crimp with Crimp/Seal (2 terminals)
  • Double Crimp with Twist/Tin (1 terminal)
  • Twist/Tin to Crimp
  • Twist/Tin to Seal
  • Coaxial Cable Processing
  • Wire List Processing
  • Marking (ink jet or hot stamp)

Application Range

The new CrimpCenter 36 S is fully automatic crimping machine with up to six processing stations. The successor to the crimpCenter 36 utilizes new design concepts to even further increase precision, durability and overall user friendliness while further reducing set-up time. Various configuration possibilities allow for a variety of applications to be processed. Dynamic, powerful servo drives combined with an intelligent control system provide high production rates to meet the most demanding production schedules. Production parameters are entered with the touch screen monitor via the intuitive, menu-guided graphical user interface to reduce training time and minimize entry errors. All parameters such as wire data, crimp data or seal data can be saved and retrieved for future use. Machine documentation including operating instructions, spare parts identification drawings and schematics are all stored electronically in the machine software for immediate access when needed.

CrimpCenter 36 S (PDF Size - 646KB)

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Technical Data

Max. Stations
6(max. 3 crimping stations)
Wire Size Range
Wire Length
45mm-65 m (1.77"-213 ft) Optional from 35mm (1.38")
Stripping Length
Transport Speed/
Feed Rate
max.8 m/s (26.3 ft/s)
Height - Safety
Cover Open
(L x W x H)
3'175x1'428 x approx. 2'125mm (125" x 56"x 84")
2 m base

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