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6 Effective Ways to Cut PCB Assembly Cost Without Sacrificing Quality

Printed Circuit Board for Instrumentation Application
Cutting PCB

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Abiding by these rules of thumb can help shape decisions on how to approach printed-circuit-board manufacture, with the “PCB assembler” playing a vital role.

Many engineers, especially those just starting out, ask questions like “Where can I find the cheapest PCB assembly service?” or “How can I reduce my PCB assembly cost?” To tell the truth, there’s never any “cheapest” PCB assembly service. For those who only strive for low prices while neglecting PCB assembly quality, their projects may very likely fail due to low-quality circuit boards.

Although PCB assemblers are constantly trying to find ways to reduce circuit-board assembly cost to attract more business and ultimately gain more profit, price varies from one assembler to another. We strongly recommend you find a balance between assembly quality, customer service, and cost. The priority is  to  adjust  your  circuit  design  to  reduce  the  assembly  cost,  and  pinpoint the  right  PCB Assembler with the best overall service within your budget.

Below are six effective ways to cut PCB assembly cost with the insurance of high quality.



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